I am Ayah15 i have made canyfreak because people should remember all the great discontinued candies and how much people loved them here is the list of discontinued candies:

  • 10:30 candy bar
  • Abba-Zaba chocolate (Choco-Zaba - discontinued in 1998. It is not the same as the new chocolate Abba Zaba.)
  • Adams Sour gums
  • Alpine White candy bar
  • Astro Pops are back!
  • Bar None by Hershey
  • Big Mouth Bubble Gum
  • Big Time
  • Bit-O-Licorice
  • Beech-Nut Spearmint and Wintergreen Gum
  • Beeman gum available from time to time.
  • Ben Hurs (similar to Sen Sen). Try Anise Squares
  • Big Buddy Bubble Gum
  • Big Mouth Suckers
  • Black Cat Bubble Gum
  • Black Cow sucker. Try Black Cow Bars
  • Black Jack gum available from time to time.
  • Black Licorice Dollars
  • Blurm
  • Brock's (not Brach's) candy puffs (very soft, melt in your mouth candy balls)
  • Bonkers Fruit Chews
  • Bum gums
  • Fludge
  • Kitteras Katteras
  • Krunt bar
  • Milky boy
  • Mintables
  • Plenis fastille
  • Puble drops
  • Sherbert Spume
  • Sour Bites
  • Sprint chocolate bar
  • Sputnik Gumballs
  • Squirrel Nut Chocolate Caramels
  • Sugar Mama
  • Summit Bar
  • Tangy Taffy
  • Tart-n-Tiny
  • Tuppeny butterquims
  • Wacky Wafers
  • Waleco Coconut Bar
  • Walnut Crush
  • Wax Harmonicas, Whistles and Fingernails
  • Welch's Frappe Bar
  • Welch's Fudge Bar
  • Whistle Pops
  • Whiz Bar
  • Wonka Bar
  • Yoo-Hoo chocolate bar

Im sorry if your favorite candie is here i am not responsible for these discontinued candy :(

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